Questions?  Please review these FAQ for help.  If you still have questions send an email to Marge Rappaport
1. Will registering on this site cost me anything?
No!  Registering on this website is free.
2. Do I have to register on this site with a username and password or can I just view everything as a guest?  
Yes. You must complete the site registration under the CLASSMATES tab if you want to see all of the information on the website.  Your information is private and securely protected on this website.
3. I already signed up for  Reunion events on or the Facebook Group.  Will you add me to this website? 
No.  You must register on this website yourself.  We do not have the rights to add you as a user.  Your security is very important to us! 
You may also register via mail or telephone. See FAQ's # 7 and #8. 
4. I forgot my Usename or Password, what do I do?  
Go to the Classmates tab and select "Click Here" under  the forgot username or password and an email will be sent to the email address you entered with instructions. 
5. Can Neptune High School alumni from classes other than the Class of 1969 register as a classmate on this site?
No.  This site is limited to only alumni of Neptune High School Class of 1969 who graduated or would have graduated in 1969.  They are welcome to use the "CONTACT US" tab to email us any questions.  

I do not want to register on this web site.  Is there another way I can find out what is going on with my Classmates.  

YES!  Join our closed (private) Facebook Group titled Neptune Senior High School Class of 1969.  The Group is limited to members of our Class of 1969 and has all kinds of information about classmates in real time. The Group also has many photos you can enjoy.  To join, find our Group on Facebook and ask to become a member.  Once we validate that you are a class member who graduated or would have graduated in 1969, you will be added to the Group.